Saturday, April 21, 2018

My Middle of the Night 'Epiphany'

Sometimes it takes years. Years for the true significance of an event to be realized. Yes, I finally understood the truth, the meaning of an event that happened to me about 8 years ago.

The event:  It was a regular school day. Lunchtime for teachers is a hurried moment. We get on the average about 20 minutes to eat on a good day, when you don't have to wait to use the microwave or the restroom.  I was sitting at a table with a group of other teachers, sharing a quiet, but quick moment to chat and eat.  Eating at our table was a teacher who was new to our school, and it was our first time to eat together.  She had a wonderful lunch which contained a small sandwich, chips, and fruit, raspberries, grapes, etc.  We talked and ate, enjoying out time, when she did something I had never seen before.  This teacher suddenly said, "I'm full." She took not one more bite. Instead she put away her food, and continued to visit with us until time to leave.

Outwardly, I was still smiling, visiting, and eating. Inwardly, I was shocked.  Just image. She had wonderful food.  How could she just stop eating and put it away?!? I understood what she did and why she did it, but I could not understand HOW she did it.  Stop eating just because you are full.  What a concept!

In the next post I'll discuss what this event finally came to mean in my life.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Why Don't I Just Delete this Blog?!?

Well, I have thought about it. Deleting this blog. I'm still struggling with my weight. The further I get from controlling my weight, the further away I get from this blog.  Why? I guess because I don't want to spread my weakness for food across the globe for everyone to read.  I'm sure I am the only one with this issue. Right? Or is it issues? The issue of controlling my desire to eat, and the issue of shame, wanting to keep it to myself. To make it my own private struggle.  These are thoughts for future posts, so I will just save them for now.

I'm posting again because I have new things to share and because I believe in new beginnings. I believe that God is gracious and forgiving. He allows new beginnings, second chances, third chances, and so on and on. Therefore, I will give myself grace and forgiveness. I will allow myself a new beginning, a second chance, and a third chance, and so on and on.

In the middle of the night about six weeks ago, my new beginning began. In my next post I will share the story of my new beginning.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Daily Faithfulness has Long Range Rewards

A couple of more pounds gone. Yep yep yep. This is a very slow slow process, but ya know, it's going to be worth all the effort in the end. I am continuing to be faithful day by day to the process and the goal, knowing that each faithful day, each "no" I say to something I shouldn't eat, each lap of the pool at the gym brings me closer to another pound lost and that much closer to my overall goal and all the rewards it will bring. I can do this!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day by Day the Journey Continues

Why oh why? Why is it so much easier to gain weight than it is to lose it? Yes. Yes. I know. It doesn't matter. My job is to be faithful to the plan, one day at a time. My daily faithfulness will in the end be rewarded with better health and the ability to fit in cute small sized clothes! All my days on this path will be worth it.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Preparing For Myself

My husband and I went to a meal at our church. You know the kind. A meal where there are lots of dishes with cheese, and pasta, and of course desserts. Because I believe in taking care of myself, I brought a broccoli salad with cheese. Yep. I made a dish that would fit into my diet. I did what was best for me.

The important point here is that I believe in taking care of myself. I don't expect anyone else to take care of me.

By the way. I have lost another pound. Five pounds lost now.

One more, Lord. Help me lose one more.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Darn That Facebook

They look soooooo good. Eye candy. You know what I mean. I'm referring to those delicious looking recipes that uninvitedly appear on our Facebook feeds. Many are loaded with cheese, sugar, heavy cream, etc. There are also many nutritious recipes also. However, the ones that quickly catch my eye are recipes such as 'Red Velvet Cheesecake'. Oh yea. Delicious.

I love to cook for family and friends. I love to cook foods that are rich and sweet. The problem is that it is vertually impossible for me to cook those types of dishes and not partake in their rich goodness, which can completely blow my diet and make my diabetes worse.

Therefore in order to keep my diet headed the right direction, I must find satisfaction in cooking dishes that are not going to be a diet buster for my. Perhaps it's time for me to put myself first in this aspect of my life.

Friday, January 27, 2017

My Exercise of Choice

The doctors have talked to me about exercising for decades, and I have indulged in that activity from time to time. It has always been a passing fad, something that captures my attention for a while, then graduated fades off my radar.

All that changed about two years ago. To prepare for my knee replacement surgery, I began to swim laps in the heated pool at the Wellmess Center. I had not ever swam seriously in my entire life, but I found a love for being in the water.

Two years later, I'm still swimming. I now swim in a larger pool at a gym, and my love for the water continues. My swimming time is an hour and my distance is now 1200 yards, the length of 12 football fields.

Swimming is simultaneously relaxing and challenging. I can push myself to swim stronger and faster, and at the same time feel the tension leave my body. Extra benefits. The main benefit is that I burn 800 calories for every hour that I swim!

I hope to be able to swim the rest of my life.